Maple-Chipotle Corn on the Cob from PopSugar Food

Each week, we round up posts, videos, and even playlists to entertain you while you cook, and provide conversation fodder for tonight’s Blue Apron dinner. We hope you had a fun 4th–this list should help you continue the fun and relaxation through the weekend.

Always Grill Your Corn – PopSugar Food
With this recipe for grilled corn with maple and chipotle, you’ll eliminate the potential boredom of always putting butter and salt on this summer’s corn by adding spice, smokiness, and sweet notes.

Frozen Strawberry Limeade – Table For Two Blog
This cool, boozy drink is everything a summer cocktail should be: pink, icy, and sweet.

Really Weird Things to Throw on the Grill – Zagat
From alligator to seitan to pig’s head, these grill-able edibles are many times more creative than ribs, sausages, and chicken, in case your grill needs a taste of adventure.

The Rise of the Sandwich in America – America’s Test Kitchen
A short history of the iconic American handheld meal, the sandwich, which came to prominence during Prohibition. Before that, there were only six kinds of sandwiches available. Can you believe it?

Homemade Soda – Kinfolk
A weekend project to make this old-fashioned lavender-flavored bubbly drink that’s sure to impress any friends and family. The recipe comes with a charming video.