Did you know that in about just two weeks, you can harvest easy-to-grow, flavorful pea shoots right at home? No backyard or garden required! Keep reading for the instructions on how to turn your grow kit into a pot for your pea shoots! But first…

Nutritious pea shoots make a perfect garnish to your warm-weather dishes or a crunchy addition to salads. We love chopping and sprinkling pea shoots on scrambled eggs, as well as adding them to Blue Apron dishes, like Seared Salmon & Red Quinoa, or Summer Squash Quesadillas with Elote-Style Corn.

quesadilla pea shoots

Growing microgreens like pea shoots is a simple DIY project that you can do using Blue Apron’s pea shoot grow kit, or even with household items like newspaper. All you need is tape, a 28-ounce aluminum can, soil and an empty spot on your windowsill where you can watch them grow. (If you don’t have Blue Apron’s grow kit, you can get pea shoot seeds from any garden store, or online.)

Our pea shoot grow kit is also a wonderful activity to do with kids. Growing their own produce helps kids understand where their food comes from, and gets them excited about trying new, fresh ingredients especially since they planted, nurtured and harvested it themselves.


Make sure you soak your seeds (six to eight per pot) in cool water for at least eight hours before planting. Although the seeds are small now, they’ll almost double in size while soaking so be sure to use enough water and a large enough bowl.


Step 1: In order to construct your paper pot, fold your sheet of newspaper in half lengthwise.

Step 2: Next place the can on its side atop the newspaper, putting it bottom-side up along the left-hand edge of the newspaper. Leave 1 ½-inches of newspaper exposed above the can. Wrap the newspaper completely around the can. See step two diagram for reference, or watch the Facebook Live tutorial.

Step 3: Tape the edge of the paper down to secure it.


Step 4: Fold the extra newspaper hanging over the top of the can down towards the middle and tape the loose paper down completely. This is the base of your pot. Slide the can out and there you have it–your constructed paper pot.

Step 5: Now it’s time to fill the pot with soil, leaving a ½-inch of space below the top. You may use rich, organic soil or even soil from your backyard, if you have one. Plant your soaked seedlings (about six to eight per pot) into the soil 1-inch down, leaving a few spaces in between. Poke the seeds down into the soil using your finger, or a spoon if you don’t feel like getting your hands dirty.

Step 6: Once they’re planted, give your plant some water and make sure to keep your pot atop a saucer of some kind, since water will dampen the paper base. Keep your paper pots on your windowsill or somewhere where it can get plenty of natural sunlight, water it daily (or when the soil is dry), and watch your seedlings grow!

You’ll start seeing your pea shoots in about three to four days, and then in just ten days, they’re ready to be harvested! It’s always extra exciting eating something you’ve grown yourself, too.

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