Kid-friendly Family Meal Delivery

Looking for family dinners made simple?

Blue Apron’s weekly family meal plan gives you easy-to-follow recipes with high-quality ingredients you can feel good about (and your family will love). It’s all delivered right to your door.

Starting at $7.99 a serving
Each week, enjoy three family meal kit recipes on our Signature for Four menu (4 servings per recipe).


When it comes to variety and flexibility, Blue Apron delivers. Pick your plan—you can change it each week.

Signature for 4

Recipes for families or get-togethers, with a variety of options that change weekly, including meat, fish, and health-conscious offerings with four servings per recipe.

Signature (2-serving)

Like our 4-serving plan, this menu mixes it up with a wide variety. Choose from meat, fish, WW™ Approved meals, and more health-conscious offerings with two servings per recipe.

Vegetarian for 2

Meat-free dishes made with fruits and vegetables, grains, legumes, nuts, and seeds. These vegetarian meals are created with or without dairy products*, honey and/or eggs. These vegetarian meals can also be found on the Signature plan.

Wellness for 2

Balanced, nutritionist-approved recipes designed for your holistic health, including carb-conscious and WW™ Recommended options. These meals can also be found on the Signature plan.

Kids Meal Delivery Kit of Enchiladas


Choose your meals

Select meals from a weekly menu of easy-to-follow recipes.

Receive your ingredients

Fresh, seasonally inspired, and delivered straight to your door.

Enjoy incredible dinners

Time-saving, easy, and cooked from scratch.
Unlock options with Blue Apron Customized
Swap, add, upgrade your meals to make them more you. With Blue Apron Customized, you can tailor select recipes to meet the needs and preferences of your family (like adding more proteins and veggies).


Balanced options

Looking for kid-friendly meal delivery? With so many weekly recipes to choose from, there’s something for everyone—little ones included. Our pre-portioned recipes provide wholesome ingredients that never sacrifice flavor, so you can give your family delicious meals you can feel good about.

Fun for the family

Invite your littlest cooks into the kitchen, where they can learn, help, and have fun along the way. With Blue Apron’s step-by-step guidance, you can teach them about wholesome ingredients, discover new flavors together, and help your kids build skills that will serve them for years to come.

Blue Apron Benefits

We know life moves fast, so we pride ourselves on being flexible. Schedule and skip weeks when you want, add a second box for the week, or cancel at any time. Traveling? You can send your box to meet you by updating the delivery address, or you can send it to friends or family.


Hear from happy home cooks—our meal delivery plan for families is a hit.

I just moved over from HelloFresh and Dinnerly. Both of this week’s meals were unique, used more exotic ingredients, and tasted great, especially the seared tilapia! They were even a hit with my super picky teenager who lives on chicken nuggets and mac & cheese!
I am an avid cook and what I appreciate about my Blue Apron experience is not only the quality of the ingredients but the great variety of choice. Our family loves the recipes with rice cakes. It is a total crowd pleaser and we can’t go wrong with that.
As a family, we get to enjoy new recipes together and we can’t wait to sit down and enjoy eating together. Thank you.
My kid and my partner enjoy cooking together, but are not experienced cooks, so Blue Apron is perfect. They get the right ingredients and step-by-step directions. They are gaining confidence in their cooking skills this way.
I love Blue Apron because it takes the stress out of planning and cooking healthy meals for my family. It has also introduced my kids to food they might not otherwise try.
Blue Apron has changed my life for the better. I am a working mom, and getting dinner on the table is convenient and delicious. I am grateful Blue Apron exists!
My kids and I love Blue Apron. We enjoy the ease and fun of making the meals as well as eating them!
Weekly Family Meal Plans


  • What comes in a Blue Apron meal kit?
    Each meal kit includes high-quality ingredients and easy, step-by-step instructions for 2-4 recipes.

  • What meal plan options are available?
    Across all our menus, you can choose from over 70 weekly menu options featuring vegetarian, pescatarian, carb-conscious, and Wellness recipes. Our ever-changing menus feature high-quality ingredients and flavors inspired by global cuisine. You can adjust your menu week-to-week based on your preferences and skip or cancel at any time. 

  • How does meal delivery work?
    Blue Apron’s family meal delivery service helps chefs of all levels cook incredible meals at home for themselves and loved ones. We take care of the menu planning and shopping by delivering perfectly portioned, fresh ingredients to your door—all you have to do is cook and enjoy. We’ll automatically default you into 4-serving recipes based on your preferences, but you have the ability to adjust your menu options to suit your tastes and schedule. 

  • How long does it take to prepare a family meal kit?
    The majority of our meals can be prepared in 25-35 minutes, with most 4-serving recipes being made in under an hour. When you browse our menu selection, you’ll see estimated preparation times listed to help you plan accordingly. 

  • Can I stop or pause my family’s meal delivery?
    Absolutely! You can manage each delivery to suit your needs by selecting recipes you’re interested inskipping weeks you don’t need, changing your delivery date to suit your schedule, or even ordering an extra box for when you need a little bit more. 

*Select artisanal cheeses may contain animal-derived rennet.