With a Blue Apron box, you turn into a home chef every single night of the week. And now, we want to see you in action!

Submit a homemade cooking show video to our #BAChef Cooking Show contest to appear in our video mash-up—starring YOU! When you do, you’ll enter to win your very own iPad and get a chance to grab your 15 minutes of cooking show fame.

Simply film yourself cooking this week’s Beef Ramen Noodle Soup and submit the film HERE.

Read on for details!

We’ll edit your films together to create an incredible cooking show starring our favorite chefs—you!

Some tips for filming:

1) Use whatever you’ve got: iPhones and Androids are great!
2) Turn whatever lights on that you can to make you and your food look awesome, but don’t stress, whatever your kitchen normally looks like is great.
3) Enjoy yourself! Act the part of your favorite cooking star (pick your Top Chef/Alton Brown/Giada DeLaurentis/whoever!). Feel free to be as serious or silly about it as you want. Be yourself or imitate your favorite cooking show personality!
4) Shoot HORIZONTAL. Other than that, shoot in whatever style you’d like. You can leave the camera stationary or get in for some close ups. Film the food being cooked, or have a friend film you cooking.
5) Narrate the process of making the meal from start to finish. Tell us everything. It might help to follow the steps on the recipe card as you narrate.
6) Include anyone you love cooking with – spouse, kids, even the family pet!
7) Submit your video here. You can make a video on instagram and submit that by using hashtag #BAChefLive, but we’re happy to have videos as long as you need.

To recap: in order to win an iPad, you must submit a video of you cooking the Beef Ramen Noodle Soup at home in solid cooking show fashion. We’ll choose a winner randomly but will feature lots of you guys in our final video, which will be a communal effort aka joint cooking show. Thanks for playing! #BAChefLive