We can’t help it, we love to snap pictures of our food. This obsession means our photo archives allow us to relive dinner whenever we’re hungry, and our friends and family know everything we’re eating, thanks to our insatiably hungry Instagram feed. Since look can be as important as taste when enjoying a vicarious dinner by means of an iPhone pic, we rounded up four handy links filled with tips for making food appear as delicious on camera as it tastes in your mouth. 

Read on to go behind the scenes with some seriously smart food photographers:

Pretty patterns, tips on garnishing, and a recommendation for natural light from A Beautiful Mess

Telling a story, using props, finding a food-photography idol, and other professional-grade tricks from V. K. Rees

Aerial views, looking for color, and being confident in your food photographing from Sonyayu via the Instagram blog

Explore light, find the beauty in every food, and how shadows add depth with The New York Times’ Andrew Scrivani on Foodista