April Fools

This April Fools’ Day, we’re looking at five foods that have had us all fooled at one point or another.


1. Purple Asparagus


This vibrant veggie calls out to us from the farmer’s market each spring, but its colorful allure can be misleading. While it’s especially beautiful on the farm stand, it quickly joins the ranks of it’s less flamboyantly colored sibling as soon as it hits the pan. You guessed it: Purple asparagus turns green when cooked. That won’t stop us from picking up a bunch, but we’ll think twice about adding it to the heat.


2. Broccoli


While we enjoy the stalks of broccoli, the green florets on top are what we usually see filling our dinner plates. These vegetables are fooling diners (and florists) the world over – the green on a head of broccoli is actually made up of small flower buds. They will eventually bloom if you can hold off on making your cheesy broccoli casserole. No need to visit the florist when you need to bring a gift for the host – veggie bouquets make a more than suitable alternative!

3. Raw Cashews


Whether they are your 3pm office snack or simply adding a little crunch to your shrimp fried rice, raw cashews always do the trick (pun intended). So, how exactly are they fooling us? Raw cashews are not actually raw – they’re steamed! And we should all be thankful for that as truly raw cashews are poisonous.


4. Egg Cream

egg cream

For those of you who don’t yet know, an egg cream is a classic New York fountain drink. By now, you’ve likely guessed it: This descriptive name isn’t so accurate. An egg cream doesn’t have eggs OR cream in it. No one quite knows why it assumed this name, only that this drink made with club soda, milk, and vanilla or chocolate syrup is even better than the sum of its parts.

5. Decaffeinated Coffee


While not the best kept secret, this one is just as alarming because its name is so exceptionally deceptive. Decaf coffee is not, in fact, caffeine-free as the name would imply. It can have up to as much caffeine as a cup of green tea. Needless to say, we may not be ordering a decaf after dinner.

 Bonus: Miracle Berries.

For these exotic berries, the trick is real. Their most remarkable property is that they truly fool your tastebuds. How? After eating one of these berries, what’s sweet will taste sour and what is sour will taste sweet. It’s about time we dub this berry the official food of April Fools’ Day.