Eating with your hands is inherently playful. For kids, it provides a sense of fun and control. It may even encourage them to try new things. If your family loves an interactive dinner experience, then grab a bottle of soap, wash those mitts, and try these five ideas for dinners and sides that it’s totally appropriate to eat with your hands. 

turkey lettuce cups to eat with your hands

Lettuce Cups

This light and fresh dinner is fun for kids to assemble and eat. Everyone at the table can control how much filling and sauce they want in their lettuce cup. It turns dinner into a hands-on affair. These Cool Cajun Chicken Lettuce Cups were designed by Blue Apron with families in mind to celebrate the launch of Disney and Pixar’s Soul, streaming on Disney+ starting December 25th. 

eat corn on the cob with your hands

Corn on the cob 

This bright vegetable is 100% finger-food-friendly. Kids can grab the whole cob and eat as they please. It would be hard to find a kid that doesn’t love the typewriter method for eating corn on the cob. 

zucchini fries for eating with hands

Veggie Fries

Zucchini fries, carrot fries, and eggplant fries are all delicious fry alternatives that kids will love. The fun of eating with their hands might even make them forget that they’re chowing down on good old-fashioned vegetables. 

sandwiches are a good finger food

Grilled cheese 

What’s not to love about a sandwich? A grilled cheese and a salad is a dinner that’s easy to make, and easy to eat with your hands. This meal is perfect for those nights when everyone just needs to relax. 

fish tacos with potatoes


Tacos are versatile and fun to eat. Kids and adults alike love grabbing tortillas and eating with their hands. Picky eaters can build their own tacos, and the sense of control will encourage them to eat. 

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