What’s the best part of any party? Of any meal? Of any day?? That’s right, it’s the appetizers. These small bites are packed with powerful flavors and satisfying textures. They’re the perfect way to kick off a meal, but we’ll admit that we’ve filled up on tasty starters more than once. 

Whether you’re planning a game day gathering or a snack-filled movie night, these irresistible appetizers will get the party going.

Game Day Snacks & Appetizers

Deviled eggs are the perfect pre-dinner snack. They’re creamy, savory and packed with protein. Try our recipes for classic,  buffalo, and everything bagel-inspired deviled eggs. 

These irresistibly cheesy rolls are made from pizza dough stuffed with bites of mozzarella—baked until deliciously warm and melted, then tossed in a spicy Calabrian chile butter and garnished with parsley and parmesan.

Create an at-home version of a a classic finger food by filling jalapeños with cream cheese and cheddar. The cheese naturally helps temper the spice of the pepper. 

Smashed avocado combined with sour cream create the base for this creamy, satisfying dip. Lime and juice and hot pepper add a bit of a zing. Serve alongside vegetables and tortilla chips. 

Crispy gnocchi topped with garlic and Parmesan are a satisfying chewy snack. We’re dipping ours in a side of tomato sauce mixed with Calabrian chile paste for a kick of heat.

This irresistible dip combines sour cream and parmesan cheese with aromatic scallions and balsamic-marinated onions for deliciously tangy flavor.

These petite chicken sliders get their irresistibly sweet, tangy, and savory flavors from a few special toppings: crispy shallots, crunchy pickles, and creamy mayo. 

These chicken wings get the star treatment from a double coating of our spicy-sweet sauce, made from thick soy sauce and sambal oelek, an Indonesian chile paste

Celebrate the flavors of Korean barbecue with this dish, which takes tasty roasted chicken wings and adds a sweet and savory glaze.

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