What are guajillo chiles?

Guajillo chiles are the dried version of the mirasol chili. This pepper is the second most common dried chile in Mexican cuisine. Its flavor is fruity and smoky, with just a touch of spice. 

Is guajillo chile spicy? 

Guajillo chile is considered mildly spicy. On the official scale of spiciness, it’s ranked just below a jalapeño. In most dishes Guajillo chile will come across as pretty mellow. If you want to try the flavor of a chile pepper but you’re not a big fan of spice, try reducing the heat by pairing the pepper with a dairy-based product like yogurt or sour cream. 

How to cook with guajillo chiles

The fruitiness of guajillo chiles can add a layer of complexity to almost any dish. Choosing to pair them with more delicate meats like chicken or fish will help let the subtle flavors of the pepper shine through. They’re common in salsas, marinades, and rubs, but our favorite application is to cook them into a smoky sauce. At Blue Apron, we love using guajillo chile sauce in Mexican-inspired dishes. You’ll find them on the menu topping our enchiladas, spicing up our rice, and making our tacos unforgettable. 

Recipes with guajillo chiles

Guajillo Pepper Chicken & Cheesy Rice with Tomatoes & Avocado

guajillo chile chicken thighs

This recipe has it all: juicy chicken thighs, a smoky chile pepper sauce, and rich cheese and avocado. Together they form a rich and satisfying dish that’s full of flavor.

Guajillo Chicken Tacos with Creamy Corn & Jalapeño

guajillo chicken tacos

In these crowd-pleasing tacos, guajillo chile sauce makes the filling moist and slightly spicy. A side of corn is the perfect sweet and juicy complement.

Cheesy Chicken Enchiladas with Guajillo Pepper Sauce

guajillo chicken enchiladas

What’s not to love about enchiladas? This dish is stuffed full of satisfying rice, peppers, and chicken. A topping of guajillo chile sauce adds a little smoky complexity.