Ingredient swaps are a creative way to tailor your family’s favorite dinners to suit your lifestyle. Whether you’re hoping to watch fat intake, cut carbs, or keep an eye on sodium, these tricks will help create a nourishing dinner that everyone will love. 

turkey lettuce cups

Wrap it in lettuce 

Cut carbs, eat vegetables, and play with your food at the same time. Swapping lettuce cups for tortillas creates a fresh and light dinner that is fun to eat like these Cool Cajun Chicken Lettuce Cups with Pickled Pepper Yogurt & Peanuts. 

Add a dollop of yogurt 

Enchiladas aren’t the same without a tangy topping. Cut fat without sacrificing satisfaction by swapping Greek yogurt in for sour cream. Yogurt can also be stirred into rice dishes and plopped on top of curries for a creamy dinner that you can feel good about. 

Try an alternative pasta 

If carbs are a concern, try an alternative pasta. Banza pasta is a low-carb, gluten-free pasta that will pair perfectly with your favorite sauces. 

Add a squeeze of lemon instead of an extra pinch of salt 

Watching sodium? Finishing your dish with a squeeze of lemon instead of a dash of salt will brighten up the flavors. 

Try a lighter protein 

Substituting ground turkey or boneless skinless chicken breast in for a heavier protein like beef will cut down on saturated fat. In a flavorful meal like chili, or these Tempo Turkey Sloppy Joes, we bet you won’t miss the beef at all. 

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