Hey vegetarian customers! In this week’s box, you’ll find a small sugar pumpkin to use in the Pumpkin Potageand we wanted to tell you a little bit more about how to prepare it for eating.

The sugar pumpkin, while adorable, is a little hard to crack. To help you cut through the squash’s tough shell, we got creative and tested several different methods of demolition.

In the end, the easiest method is to knock, slam or drop the pumpkin onto a hard, sturdy surface–a counter, floor, or driveway–until the shell cracks. Insert a strong knife into the crack  and cut into wedges from there.

Here’s a close up of that crack we created after slamming our pumpkin against a butcher board. Feel free to use this as an opportunity to release a little stress.

P.S. Once cracked, here’s how to cook that winter squash or pumpkin.