After a hungry commute home, we all wish we could open the door and find the scent of dinner wafting into the entryway.

When you’re the cook in your household, however, no scents will be wafting until you start sautéing those fragrant onions yourself. Still, even if you’re the one who wears the chef’s hat and (blue) apron, you don’t have to go it completely alone. Here at Blue Apron, we love to make making dinner easier. (That’s our flat iron steak dinner above.)

Today we wanted to highlight one app that can help also out with getting dinner on the table–both on nights when you have a Blue Apron delivery and nights when you don’t.

Cozi, a free app and website, combines a shared calendar with an organizing and meal-planning app. Since dinner doesn’t happen in isolation, you can incorporate all kinds of activities, from sports to networking drinks, into the calendar. You can also invite the rest of your family or your roommates to share the calendar so that everyone can weigh in on what’s for dinner.

If you sign up for Cozi account here, you’ll be entered to win a free one-year upgrade to Cozi Gold, the premium version of the incredible app – a $49.99 value. You might also like the easy recipes on Cozi’s Dinner Club email.