As you hopefully know by now, Blue Apron is now on video! Every week, we post a new film on our YouTube channel and over here on the blog.

We’ve already shared the essential guide to cooking steak and showed you the best way to wash your greens.

Today we’re opening up a can of flavorful whole tomatoes and diving into a little-known tip for prepping the vegetable without splattering tomato juice all over the kitchen. We buy whole canned tomatoes, since their luscious summer taste is preserved better than diced tomatoes. That means we have to squish them before cooking, so the texture is right for tomato sauces and batches of chili–a messy job. Or is it? Our genius tip will prevent crazy splattering as you squeeze your tomatoes into shape.

Ready? Grab a can of tomatoes and a can opener, and let’s get prepping.

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