From thank-you gifts to office parties, (complete with reindeer-antler headbands), ’tis the season to uncork lots and lots of wine bottles. A bottle of wine is a thoughtful gift and a welcome addition to any seasonal potluck. Use this handy guide to choose the best wines to bring to a party.

Choose the best wines to bring to a party

a pack of wines to bring to a party

Easy, Affordable Gifts

Strategy: Get great value by purchasing a pack of six bottles of wine and dividing it up as thank-you gifts for coworkers, friends, or handyman who fixed that leaky pipe.
Reds: Look for red wines that can pair well with food or be consumed on their own. Something light like a Pinot Noir will please everyone on your list.
White: Chardonnay is the perfect rich white wine for the Holiday season.

Special Gifts

sparkling wines to bring to a party
Blue Apron’s Blue Barrel Reserve Brut

Strategy: Make the recipient feel special the moment the bottle is unwrapped. Give memorable bottles that will surprise and delight the recipient.
Reds: Consider gifting an older bottle. A bottle that has been aged over 7 years will have a mellow complexity that makes it a special gift.
Whites: Consider a lesser-known varietal like Chenin Blanc or Vermentino. Of course, you can never go wrong with a beautiful bottle of sparkling wine.

Office Holiday Party

Strategy: Keep the focus on chatting, reconnecting, and reminiscing with co-workers. Choose fruity, spicy wines that stand up to hearty winter fare.
Reds: Bone-warming, palate-coating reds like Malbec or Syrah.
Whites: Versatile, crowd-pleasing wines like Sauvignon Blanc.

Family Holiday Dinner

wines to bring to a party with family

Strategy: Take the lead and pick out a few bottles to minimize group decision making. Try choosing a few special wines you wouldn’t uncork on an ordinary weeknight.
Reds: Please every palate by selecting two red wines. Go for a fruity and concentrated red that complements rich holiday foods, such as a Rioja, along with a lighter blended bottle. Consider serving a dessert wine like Port to end dinner on a high note.
White: Choose a crowd pleasing white, like Chardonnay or Viognier, that has the heft to stand up to everything on the table.

Gathering Among Friends

Strategy: Make it all about the party, not the wine. Choose a bottle that everyone will love, but not so good that it’s the subject of discussion.
Reds: Try a wine that everyone is likely to be familiar with, like Cabernet Sauvignon or Merlot. These approachable wines make cheerful party pours.
White: Get two: a sparkling wine, and a quaffable white from Spain, such as a fruity Albariño.

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