Like your favorite seasoning or spice, wine can instantly enhance a meal. To help you master the perfect pairing, we’ve offered simple tips, as well as highlights from our October wine delivery, to keep in mind as you plan your Blue Apron meals–your taste buds will thank you!

1. Vandenberg Shiraz

About 150 years ago, a Dutch merchant ship sank off the coast of Australia. One of the few survivors was Ari Vandenberg, whose great grandson now helms the same vineyard he founded.

Profile: Quintessentially Australian, this red is full-flavored and rich, with robust tannins.

Pairing: Opposites attract, so offset this fruity wine with a spicy dish, like our Roasted Pork Steam Buns.

pork steam buns

2. Wooldridge Creek Cabernet Franc

Wooldridge Creek makes Old World-style wines in America. Until now, their wines were only available on tap at Oregon bars and restaurants, but winemaker Greg Paneitz made a rare exception and created this wine exclusively for us.

Profile: A fruitier and zestier take on a Cabernet Franc from a sunny region in Oregon’s southwest corner.

Pairing: Fruit is a natural flavor enhancer, so this Cabernet Franc livens up the flavor of our Sokichi Squash Pasta.

Shokichi Squash Pasta

3. Artan Sauvignon Blanc

Artan’s winemaker Grant Semmens was among the first to identify the superiority of Mount Gambier, a tiny region in Australia’s Limestone Coast known for its crisp, zesty wines.

Profile: This wine is bursting with bright tropical and citrus flavors riding a wave of crisp acidity.

Pairing: The acidity of Sauvignon Blanc complements the lime juice and cilantro of our Avocado Tempura & Kohlrabi Tortas.

Avocado Tortas

While we’re excited to introduce these exclusive varieties to all of you, we’re especially excited introduce them to our Pennsylvania chefs. For the first time, residents of the Keystone State can receive our exclusive reds, whites and rosés.