Crudite side detail

A crudite platter done right is a work of art.  It’s one of our favorite ways to display the season’s harvest, and surprise our guests with the gems we found at our local farmer’s market or specialty store. Plus, it’s our secret weapon for holiday hosting – it’s light, it doesn’t require any coveted oven time, and it has the potential to be really impressive without very much work.

Vegetables for crudite close up

But without some advanced planning, the crudite platter can look like a sad grocery store veggie tray.  So this holiday season, we’re advocating to apply the fancy cheese plate mentality to the crudite platter, and make it your cocktail hour show-stopper!

Crudite platter close up

Read on for the crudite cheat sheet that will help you create holiday hors d’oeuvres that may just steal some of the (Instagram) spotlight from the main event! 

Crudite detail

Holiday Crudite Platter Cheat Sheet

  1. Add color!

    1. When you’re buying your veggies and fruits, think not just about having a diversity of flavor but having a diversity of color on your board

  2. Put contrasting colors side by side.

  3. Use unusual veg and fruit!

    1. Try jicama, blood oranges, or heirloom anything

  4. Blanche or even cook some of the vegetables!

    1. Blanche Broccoli, cauliflower, or snap peas

    2. Roast cherry tomatoes on the vine

  5. Keep the greens on for an extra pop of color

    1. Try carrots and radishes for contrast

  6. Cut things in interesting/ delicious ways

    1. Don’t keep broccoli or carrots too large

    2. Peel and then slice oranges into wheels

  7. Add height with various sized bowls and platters

  8. Check your pantry for some add ons:

    1. Try nuts, dried fruits, honey, olives, jared bell peppers, cornichons

  9. Arrange it on a wooden cutting board or platter – everything looks good on a wood

  10. Garnish with beautiful things

    1. Use herbs, edible flowers or pretty greens to garnish the platter

    2. Use fennel fronds to garnish!

Vegetbale Blache for crudite

Share your holiday hosting tips and tricks below!