chicken potsticker recipe

It’s always a good day to eat dumplings. With a little know-how, and the best chicken potsticker recipe, you’ll never be far from a satisfying dinner. Watch the video below for a complete guide to how we like to mix, wrap, boil, and sear our homemade chicken potstickers.

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What’s the difference between dumplings and potstickers?

Dumpling is an umbrella term. It can refer to anything from delightfully doughy lumps in chicken and dumpling soup, to delicate gyoza. Potstickers are Chinese and Chinese-American dumpling variety. They get their name from their signature crispy bottom. If you’re not careful during the searing process, they have a tendency to stick to the pot.

Chicken potsticker filling recipe

Our chicken potsticker recipe calls for baby tatsoi. Tatsoi is an Asian green that’s very closely related to bok choi. If you’re unable to find tatsoi, baby bok choi would be just as delicious.

The filling gets its satisfying flavor from a mixture of ginger, garlic, scallions, sesame oil and soy sauce. After you’ve mastered working with chicken, this seasoning would also work well with ground pork, or a mixture of ground chicken and shrimp.

How to fold dumplings and potstickers

For the easiest way to seal a potsticker, watch Chef Matt Wadiak’s technique in the video above. This simple approach is great if you’re working with kids, if you’ve never made a potsticker before, or if you’re in just in a big rush to eat.

Chef Wadiak simply wets one half of each wrapper, folds them over, and seals the edge with a fork.

how to make chicken potstickers

For a slightly more advanced technique try pleating the edges, like in this photo below. To do this, just pinch the dumpling wrapper between your thumb and forefinger. With your opposite hand, make a small fold, and pinch to seal.

how to fold dumplings

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