Plastic bags? Pizza boxes? Bubble wrap? Sometimes figuring out how to properly recycle can be as much work as meal planning. Resources like Earth911 and How2Recycle® make it easier, but it can still be confusing. Here’s a breakdown of how to read a How2Recycle label, and how to find the best spot near you for recycling some of those trickier items. 

How2Recycle is a standardized method of labelling that aims to make recycling instructions as clear as possible. Check your cupboards and you’ll find their instructions on everything from pasta boxes to chocolate bars. There are four key sections that will give you information about how you recycle your item, detailed below.

how to recycle
How2Recycle label

For specialty items, the How2Recycle label may indicate that you need to locate a drop-off site. If that’s the case, Earth911 is the easiest way to find the location nearest you. Not all recycling centers have the exact same capabilities. Some process only aluminum and rigid plastic, while others are able to treat complex items like laminated plastics bags and textiles. 

To make recycling the contents of your Blue Apron box even easier, we’ve created a smart guide that can locate the recycling centers nearest you. To view your downloadable guide, click the button below. Just use your phone to scan the QR code next to each item, and follow the instructions to find local sites for every type of recyclable packaging that Blue Apron sends.