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We tested three different ways to grill inside: an indoor smoker, and electric griddle, and a grill pan. In the end, the simplest method prevailed.
Perhaps no piece of cookware is more iconic—or dependable—than the cast iron pan. This tried-and-true workhorse is beloved for its durability and versatility: you can fry, grill, sauté, braise or bake in it. Best of all, with proper care, cast iron actually improves with use. Below, we break down how to maintain it.
Long days, warm nights and sun to spare: August is all about the dog days of summer. For us, this month is a celebration of summer’s most flavorful bounty: eggplants, peppers, tomatoes, melons and cucumbers. If it’s juicy, colorful and fresh, we’re eating it in August.
Whether you’re slicing bread, dicing onions, or preparing meat, a well-sharpened knife is one of our own test kitchen’s must-have items. Drag-through sharpeners are tough on knives and can even damage their blades, while a knife stone requires more time than most of us have. Take the guesswork out of sharpening with this easy-to-use device, which features professional-grade components including diamond-coated disks.
Professional chefs are known for working neatly. But that doesn't mean they skip the apron. In fact, you'll rarely see a professional chef without one. Aprons not only protect your clothing, they also provide a place to stick a dish towel or wipe your hands. Here's how to tie an apron like a pro.