How Ramen Noodles Are Made

Sun noodle is the secret ingredient that powers all of New York City’s top ramen restaurants. They manufacture noodles for Momofuku, Ivan Ramen, Chuko, and many many more. 

This family-owned business got its start in Hawaii in 1981, back when ramen in the U.S. was mostly instant. Today, ramen is beloved and revered from coast to coast, and Sun Noodle deserves some of the credit. Over the past 30 years, Sun Noodle has partnered with hundreds of restaurants. They produce over 90,000 servings of noodles per day, and make 300 variations on their original ramen recipe. That way, every chef can work with the noodle that best suits their cooking. Chances are, if you’ve slurped a bowl of noodles in a big city, they came from Sun Noodle

Luckily, high-end ramen restaurants aren’t the only place to try Sun Noodle manufactured noodles. Blue Apron uses Sun Noodle ramen in dishes like Beef Ramen Soup with Choy Sum and Enoki Mushrooms, and Chicken Tsukune Ramen, Spring Vegetable Ramen with Garlic Scapes and Soft-Boiled Eggs. This Crispy Pan-Fried Ramen is one of Blue Apron’s top-rated recipes

Want to learn more about the incredible thought and craftsmanship that goes into every packet of Sun Noodles? Watch the video below to see how Sun Noodle’s East coast facility churns out ramen.