infused water

What’s your favorite way to stay hydrated? Drinking enough water helps all of the systems in your body function. Proper hydration supports joint, organ, and skin health. Planning ahead can make getting enough water easier. Forget motivational water bottles, try making your water delicious. Infused water is an easy way to drink enough water.

Enter spa water. The term ‘spa water’ refers to both the infused waters that you might find at a high-end spa, and the spa-like sense of wholesome luxury that these healthful drinks will bring to your home.

It’s easy to make infused water at home. You can use any combination of fruits and herbs that you enjoy. Just add your chosen ingredients to a pitcher or large jar. Leave the jar in the refrigerator to infuse for about 30 minutes or up to 12 hours. The flavors will intensify the longer you wait. Infused water will keep for up to 24 hours, but after that, it’s best to start fresh. To serve, just pour it into a glass. If a few pieces of fruit fall in, consider them a beautiful garnish. 

Try some of these ingredient combinations for inspiration. 

Infused water ideas 

infused water with lemon and lime


Fresh or frozen berries will add bright juicy flavors to water. This is a great way to use strawberries’ tops after trimming off the stems. 


Slice up oranges, lemons, or limes and plop them into a large jar of water. Adding whole slices will infuse tons of flavor from the peel and the fruit. 


Try adding mint or rosemary to your infused water for an herbal kick. 


Don’t be afraid to experiment! Any fruit with thick skin will work well. Thin-skinned fruits like apples or pears are prone to discoloring. This won’t affect the flavor but will make the water less appetizing. 

In the mood for something hot? Try making homemade chai instead.