Jam has been a beloved way to preserve fragile fruits for centuries. With inventive flavors like blueberry bourbon and banana with a splash of rum, Brooklyn-based jam company The Jam Stand is putting a modern twist on this classic food preservation technique. 

The Jam Stand co-founders Sabrina and Jessica first met while studying at the University of Florida. Their shared passion for crafting and learning new things quickly sparked a lifelong friendship. 

Years later, the idea for a modern jam company was born. Jessica and Sabrina started testing unique flavors in an apartment kitchen in 2011. Today, The Jam Stand produces hundreds of thousands of pounds of jam a year.

Although their business has changed, their mission remains the same. The Jam Stand aims to create fun and innovative flavors made with quality ingredients. Two of these exciting flavors, Blueberry Bourbon and Raspberry Jalapeño, are coming to the Blue Apron menu. 

The Jam Stand’s jams are designed to work with sweet or savory recipes. Try serving their inventive preserves alongside your next cheese plate, spooned over ice cream, or incorporated into dinner. Check out the recipe below to see how we used their Blueberry Bourbon preserves to create a sophisticated duck dinner. 

Duck & Blueberry-Thyme Pan Sauce with Caramelized Onion Mashed Potatoes

Rich, savory duck breasts pair perfectly with a delicately fruity sauce like the one we’re making here with fresh thyme, shallot, butter, and our new blueberry bourbon spread.

duck breast with blueberry jam

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