If you’re a Blue Apron customer, you might be familiar with this instruction “use up to half of the spice blend, you will have extra.” Our pre-portioned spice blends often include more than you need for a recipe. Don’t toss the rest! Consider this perfectly balanced blend of flavors our little gift to you. Use your leftover Blue Apron spice blends to add flavor to your next home-cooked meal. 

Tips for using leftover Blue Apron spice blends

Rub them on proteins 

Any of our custom spice blends will work well as a rub on proteins like chicken, pork loin, or fish. Try using any leftover Weeknight Hero spice blend on chicken thighs. Just coat your protein with the spice blend, season with salt, and then cook as directed by your recipe. 

Recipe ideas

Tuscan-style pork chops, featuring the Tuscan spice blend

Sheet Pan BBQ Pork, featuring the BBQ spice blend

Seared Chicken Breasts, featuring the Weeknight Hero spice blend

Mix them into grain bowls 

leftover Mexican spice blends
Mexican Grain Bowl
with Barley, Salsa Macha & Lime Mayo

Stir leftover spice blends into rice, farro, or fregola sarda to create a flavorful base for a grain bowl. After your grains are flavored, top them off with roasted vegetables, proteins, or toasted nuts. Use whatever is in your pantry!

Harissa-Honey Tofu Bowl, featuring the Za’atar spice blend  

Summer Fregola Sarda Pasta, featuring the Tuscan spice blend

BBQ Chickpea & Corn Grain Bowls, featuring the Smoky spice blend

Give it a quick search 

Take advantage of the catalog of Blue Apron recipes available online. Search for your spice blend in the cookbook, or just use a search engine to look up the name of your spice blend + Blue Apron recipe. The search results will show you past recipes that feature our blends, and you can use your leftover Blue Apron spice blend to recreate any of our recipes at home. 

Hooked on our spice blends? You can order individual jars of them for your very own home on the Blue Apron Market.