Cooking doesn’t need to be all about a frantic rush to get dinner on the table. We believe that things will taste a little better if you let yourself unwind and enjoy the process. That means turning off the little voice in your head that’s telling you to hurry up and get things done, and finding a way to be present. If nightly dinners stress you out, try a few of our favorite ways to make cooking more relaxing. 

Turn on some music 

Sometimes all it takes to unwind is a song that you can sing along to. Pop on your favorite playlist or tune into the radio and let someone else pick the tunes. 

Lose yourself in little tasks 

Preparation steps like trimming beans, shelling peas, and picking herbs don’t require much conscious mental effort. Use these moments as a time to relax your mind, and let the repetitive nature of this process soothe you. 

Shaping dumplings is a perfect soothing task

Have a glass of wine 

This is all about enjoying the process, right? Pour a glass of your favorite wine and enjoy a few little sips during those slow moments. 

Ask for a hand

If you’re making dinner, you’re already amazing. There’s no need to be a hero, so don’t be afraid to ask for help. Enlisting someone else can help things run smoothly, and it can be a lovely time to catch up on your lives. Friends, partners, and kids can all be excellent sous chefs. 

Make cooking more relaxing with family

Read the whole recipe first 

This is always good advice. Reading the entire recipe before you dive into cooking can prevent stressful surprises. You don’t want to get halfway through the recipe and realize that you were supposed to preheat the oven, or that you’re missing an essential pantry item. Of course, with a Blue Apron box, you’ll always have exactly the ingredients you need on hand.