Blue Apron, known for delivering incredible cooking experiences to home cooks across the country, today launched its latest integrated marketing campaign titled “What Cooking Can Do” in collaboration with Droga5, the company’s creative agency. Inspired by countless real stories from Blue Apron customers, the new campaign highlights how cooking with Blue Apron can transform any night into an experience that is much more meaningful.

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“The Blue Apron brand represents so much more than ingredients in a box. Our product is an experience, and our brand signifies a love of home cooking, excitement and discovery, and deep, meaningful human connections,” said Jared Cluff, Chief Marketing Officer, Blue Apron. “Over the past five years, we’ve received thousands of stories from customers who have shared with us the emotional and transformative experience they have had with our meals. From a couple who cooked with us on their second date and are now replicating their favorite Blue Apron recipes for their wedding menu to families who have told us that cooking the same meals helps them stay connected even when they live across the country, stories like these inspired our campaign to depict how cooking with Blue Apron can change your life in ways both small and large.”

“With this new campaign, we wanted to celebrate that a Blue Apron meal experience is not just about what you are able to cook, it’s who you become when you do,” says Juliana Cobb, Group Creative Director, Droga5. “It’s about the way cooking empowers you to change a moment, a mood, or sometimes the course of an entire day.”


The new campaign includes five different stories that will be featured on their respective day of the week in both offline and online channels. Each story highlights a relatable moment that reflects how different people, with different lifestyles, transform a day by deciding to cook with Blue Apron. The film stories include:

  • Blue Apron Presents: Monday: We’ve all “had a case of the Mondays”. This story shares how some of us have a recipe for redemption after a rough start to the week.
  • Blue Apron Presents: Tuesday: Cooking is not just nourishment, it’s often a way to show appreciation. This story shows the story of two siblings who use cooking with Blue Apron to celebrate their mom.
  • Blue Apron Presents: Wednesday: New parents rarely take time for themselves as they adjust to a new life as a family. This story shows a couple trying their best (but not always succeeding!) to retain a bit of their old selves by cooking dinner together.
  • Blue Apron Presents: Thursday: Learning to cook can happen at any stage of life. In this story, a recently widowed man uses Blue Apron to cook for the first time, and surprises his son with an unexpected meal he prepared.
  • Blue Apron Presents: Friday: It’s easy to feel intimidated by hosting a large dinner party for friends, especially in a small apartment. This story shows a woman pushing the boundaries of her tiny apartment and cooking a fun dinner party for her friends.

The campaign can be viewed on YouTube.