Our customers asked…and now they are here: our collection of custom Blue Apron spice blends!

The Blue Apron Culinary Team carefully crafted five premium spice blends: floral, piney, sweet Tuscan…savory, mildly spicy, sweet Cajun…smoky, sweet, earthy Smoky…aromatic, sweet, citrusy Barbecue…and savory, earthy, familiar Weeknight Hero for customers to use at home.

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Each spice blend has been featured and enjoyed by customers as part of recipes from our weekly menus. Now, Blue Apron customers have access to these long-awaited, chef-crafted, premium blends to recreate their favorite Blue Apron recipes at home or add unique flavor to any dish.

Each spice blend can be purchased for $9.99 on the Blue Apron Marketplace.