This post was written by Heather Sachs. Heather is a Registered Dietitian with a Masters degree in Clinical Nutrition. She has more than 15 years of experience combining her knowledge in food, nutrition, and regulatory affairs as well as translating science into impactful brand communication. Heather is currently Blue Apron’s Director of Regulatory Affairs.

National Nutrition Month is  a personal favorite for me, and not just because I am a Registered Dietitian. I believe in the power of food. Nutritious food supports good health, brings families and cultures together,  and provides a mental break from our stressful lives. Of course, food also inspires moments of happiness.

This year in honor of National Nutrition Month I am pulling together some of my best tips on setting yourself up for success when it comes to your nutrition and wellness goals.

Flip your mindset

For many people, the word diet is associated with deprivation and elimination of their favorite foods. It doesn’t have to be that way, in fact it shouldn’t. Diet is what you eat, not what you don’t eat. If you focus on the nutritious foods you want to incorporate into your daily eating patterns–like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins, and heart healthy–there won’t be room left in your mind or your belly for those foods you try to consume in moderation.

Always have a plan of attack

You wouldn’t walk into a new job without preparing. Bring this same mentality to your meals! If you can meal prep even a couple lunches, that’s a great start. Investing as little as an hour on a Sunday can set you up for success during the week ahead. Start small. You can prep easy sandwiches and salads in containers to grab each day. To make it even easier, try Blue Apron’s Meal Prep Options (Wellness for me). 

Don’t forget to prep snacks too! Snacks can help keep you satisfied throughout the day and prevent overeating at your next meal. Look for snack combos that provide both fiber and protein. Try packing apples and peanut butter, cut up veggies and hummus, cheese and whole grain crackers, or even granola bars.  


No one wants to eat the same thing every day. Seeking out new foods, flavors, and combinations can bring enjoyment to your daily diet. Take a trip to the farmers’ market and check out the produce, proteins, and even spices available locally. In addition to supporting small businesses, you might be exposed to something you never would have seen at the supermarket.

Mental Health

Speaking from my own experience, making a meal does something for the mind and the soul. Whether I am cooking on my own, with my husband, or with my kids, something happens and I am transported. I have always loved to cook, but Blue Apron recipes have elevated our meals. We’ve discovered new ingredients, new flavors, and new skills. Creating a nutritious and flavorful dinner for my family makes me feel like a hero even on busy weeknights.