Blue Apron Scrambled Egg Recipe
If you’ve got eggs, you’ve got breakfast. Well, throw in a whisk, some butter, a handful of chives, a little cream, some good toast, and then you’ve really got breakfast. Though there are many ways to serve an egg, for breakfast, we love ours scrambled.

The key to great scrambled eggs is the cooking technique. What differentiates perfect scrambled eggs from decent diner scrambled eggs? Cooking them low and slow, stirring all the while to form tiny, delicate curds. 

We’ve also got a few other tricks up our sleeves. We garnish with a ton of chives to brighten the dish. We finish the scramble with a splash of cream, to lighten everything up–and, more importantly, to stop the cooking, which the cold cream does with a bang. Without it, you’d had to race to scrape the eggs out of the pan, out of fear that they’d go from perfect to over-cooked in mere seconds.

We like to have toast, bacon, and coffee ready to go when our eggs are done, so the perfect eggs don’t risk getting chilled.

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Get the whole recipe below.

Perfect Scrambled Eggs

1 Small Bunch Chives
6 Eggs
1/4 Cup Heavy Cream
1 Tablespoon Butter

First, mince the chives.

Then, in a bowl, whisk the eggs with half of the cream.

In a medium, non-stick pan or small pot, melt the butter on medium heat. Add the eggs and cook, stirring continuously with a spatula or wooden spoon (don’t stop!) until the eggs are 75% done.

Remove the pan from heat (the eggs will continue cooking from the residual heat of the pan) and stir in the chives and remaining cream (to stop the cooking, otherwise they will be over-cooked by the time you eat them); season with salt and pepper to taste.

Serve with toast, bacon or biscuits…your choice!