ready to cook meals
Oven-baked Ready to Cook meals from Blue Apron

What’s better than a home-cooked meal after a busy day? It sounds delightful, but if you’re the one cooking, it can mean even more work. Blue Apron is here to lend a hand with new, Ready to Cook options that cut down on preparation and cleanup time. 

Ready to Cook meals are as easy as combine, bake, and serve. Put down that knife and relax! Our chefs reduced preparation time by designing recipes that don’t require any chopping at all. Each dish is cooked entirely within the oven—there’s no need to fuss with multiple burners or a crowded stovetop. Ready to cook meals are combined and baked in an included aluminum tray that can be rinsed and recycled after use. Without sticky pots and pans, cleanup is a breeze.

These recipes include the same high-quality ingredients and sophisticated flavors that you expect from Blue Apron, but with less time spent in the kitchen. Try Ready to Cook options to enjoy homemade meals a fraction of the time, even on the busiest nights of the week.

Look for these Ready to Cook recipes (& more!) coming soon

  • Oven-Baked Cheesy Tomato Gnocchi with Calabrian Chile & Spinach
  • Oven-Baked Chorizo & Black Bean Tacos with Jalapeño & Monterey Jack
  • Oven-Baked Sweet Chili Udon & Vegetables with Coconut Chips & Sesame Seeds
  • Oven-Baked Pesto Chicken & Orzo with Spinach, Tomatoes & Ricotta

These recipes will be available on the 2-serving and 4-serving menus. Find them online or in the Blue Apron app alongside our core recipes. Recipes will rotate, bringing you fresh and exciting options on a weekly basis.

Ready to Cook options are arriving on the menu in time for fall, when schedules fill up, and easy meals become a true necessity. View options on the menu starting 7/29, in boxes by 8/29.