5 Ingredient Meals

For days when you have a long to-do list, these low-ingredient recipes bring the flavor without the effort.

Making candy at home is nowhere near as tough as it sounds. With just five ingredients and some careful attention to bubbling sugar, you can make these cider caramels, which have a deep, slightly tangy apple flavor and are utterly addictive. Best of all, wrapped up in little squares of wax paper, a handful of these caramels makes an incredible edible gift (or a trick or treat!).
Here's the thing about granitas: you might recognize them as slushies or slurpees or shave ice. The nuances are small, but the most important thing to know about the granitas we make is not that they're slushy or bright but that they make use of the freshest ingredients--in this case, delightfully ripe summer peaches.
Our chefs are sharing a cinch of a recipe for making a not-too-indulgent pear crisp using only five ingredients. This hearty, fruit-based sweet makes a delicious dessert for virtuous January!
Ending a holiday meal with tiramisu is a good idea. Tiramisu means "pick me up," and if you've indulged in some roast beef like we're planning to, you'll definitely need a pick me up after dinner. Here's our recipe for a truly simple five-ingredient tiramisu.
Meet the Five-Ingredient Apple Turnover--our first dessert recipe on Blue Apron! Turnovers are smaller, more portable cousins of pies with golden, flaky crusts and cinnamon-scented apples inside.