Can a healthy lifestyle taste delicious? We think so. We’ve partnered with author, health and wellness authority, and chef Seamus Mullen from Goop to create six delicious, flavor-packed recipes centered around our shared philosophy on health and eating. Read on to learn about the kitchen tools he can’t live without and explore his exclusive collection of health-conscious recipes for Blue Apron.

Cake Tester

“This is the most under-appreciated tool in a kitchen. A lot of people don’t realize just how valuable they are. I mean, I don’t bake any cakes, so I don’t use them for baking.  I use them for checking the internal temperature on fish, for instance; rather than sticking it with a meat thermometer and really beating up the fish, you can just slip the cake tester in and then touch it to your lip. I’ll use it also if I’m roasting something like beets. To know if the beets are cooked all the way through, you just slip the cake tester in. It’s a great tool to have.”

OXO Good Grips Cake Tester // Amazon // $8.37


“I can’t go without a Microplane. I use it for everything. I finish a lot of dishes with citrus zest — not just lemon but lime, grapefruit. If I’m making a vinaigrette and want to have a really nice citrusy flavor, I’ll grate a ton of citrus. I also use it for garlic, it makes a really nice paste that melts into a vinaigrette without being too intense. It’s fantastic for finishing with a little nutmeg, to grate hard cheeses, there’s myriad uses. I use the long skinny one, but I have a bunch. I even have the round rasp. When I was a young cook, the Microplanes had just come out and they were really expensive, I couldn’t afford one. So my dad, when he saw me lusting after one, said, ‘That’s just a wood rasp! You can go to the hardware store and buy a Stanley.’ So that’s what I used for years. But the actual Microplane brand makes really good ones.” 

12-inch Microplane Zester-Grater // Blue Apron // $14.99

Hestan Pans

I recently discovered these. Hestan makes gorgeous, gorgeous titanium and stainless steel saute pans. What’s amazing about them is after you use them and they get all gunky, when you clean them they still have a perfect mirror finish. Really easy to clean. But the best thing is they work as well as a non-stick pan. You can cook eggs in them with just a little bit of oil and the eggs won’t stick, but you’re not cooking on a Teflon surface — it’s a safer surface to cook with. Their dutch oven is fantastic, I use it for braises and making soups. I hate to say it but all of my other pots and pans are kind of collecting dust. I just use the Hestans.”

Hestan Probond Stainless Steel Skillet, 8 ½-inches  // Williams-Sonoma // $99.95

Jacobson Salt

“Jacobson Salt Company has the best salt in the world. They’ve got amazing flavored salts, their flaky sea salt is incredible, the kosher salt is great. I’m a huge fan. It’s a must have: you gotta have good salt in your pantry, and if you’re gonna choose one salt, grab these. They’re really extraordinary.”

Jacobson Salt Company Pure Flake Sea Salt // Blue Apron // $12.99

Castillo de Canena Olive Oil

“I am a big, big supporter of olive oil from Spain. I think Spain produces the best olive oil in the world. There’s a number of great producers in Spain but my favorite right now is a producer from southern Spain called Castillo de Canena. Their organic arbequina olive oil is extraordinary. They’re doing some really nice flavored olive oils now, they do a harissa olive oil that’s really good and a smoked olive oil that’s a perfect way to finish a dish. It brings such incredible flavor to the table.”

Castillo de Canena Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 500 mL // Amazon // $34.99

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