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Something old, something new, something borrowed, something…Blue Apron?

That might be how long-time Blue Apron customers Brittany and Stanley remember their recent wedding in June. It all started when Brittany kept noticing the same wedding advice: “Everyone says that your wedding should be a reflection of you,” she says. “We took this advice to heart and were thrilled when Blue Apron agreed to participate in our wedding—and provide the perfect vegetarian entrée option for our 200 guests.”

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To understand how this blissful combination came about, we need to go back to the beginning. “When I was living in New York, I had been a loyal Blue Apron customer since my first delivery in May 2014,” said Brittany. “I was pretty anxious about cooking alone with fresh and raw ingredients, since my previous talents extended to making macaroni and cheese from the box,” she laughed.

But that first Blue Apron meal was a success—and Brittany was hooked. “Even with my sloppy measuring and makeshift cooking utensils, the meals were delicious,” she said. “I could not believe that I made that! I began to really cherish the time that I spent cooking alone, smelling ingredients, chopping vegetables and making magic. It was my quiet oasis from work and city life and brought new meaning to the idea of ‘dinner time.’”

Zip ahead a few months to December, when Brittany met Stanley—and made a Blue Apron meal together on one of their first dates. “We made Stewed Chicken with Potato Latkes and Creme Fraiche,” remembers Brittany. “To this day, we still laugh about how I taught Stanley how to zest lemons and peel carrots—he had never seen a peeler before! It was the first time in my Blue Apron experience where I got to be teacher and I loved it. We started seriously dating after that week and Blue Apron became ‘our thing.”

So it really was no surprise that Brittany and Stanley invited Blue Apron to their wedding. Brittany admits that asking Blue Apron to be part of the big day was a complete shot in the dark, and she and Stanley were thrilled when the company said yes. “Blue Apron has been a staple of our relationship from the very beginning,” says Brittany. “We really wanted to say ‘thank you’ for creating a truly incredible product that sincerely enhanced our relationship.” To show our own appreciation, Blue Apron invited the couple to visit the Blue Apron Test Kitchen and test out their recipe once it was developed.


Pictured: Brittany in the Blue Apron Test Kitchen with the chefs and recipe writers who brought the dish for the wedding to life!

Brittany and Stanley wanted a vegetarian entrée based on the flavorful ingredients they liked and that would complement a vegetarian meal. The couple decided on a Summer Vegetable “Lasagna” made with polenta instead of pasta. “We focused a lot on the rich flavor profiles that are synonymous with Blue Apron dishes and asked for something that was hearty and flavorful, so our vegetarian guests would leave satisfied,” explained Brittany. “The caterers served it in individual ramekin dishes to make it a bit more formal.” Of course, every guest got a Blue Apron recipe card so they could make the dish at home—along with a small bottle of Frog Hollow olive oil and a tin of Jacobsen sea salt from the Blue Apron Market.

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Photo Credit: Emily Jean Images

When Brittany and Stanley relocated from New York to San Francisco, Blue Apron remained a constant in their lives. “When we first moved to San Francisco, the new city felt overwhelming,” said Brittany. “So it was comforting to see that familiar blue and brown box on our doorstep. It made us feel at home.” We were thrilled to take part in Brittany and Stanley’s special day back in June and wish the happy couple all the best…and happy cooking!

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Photo Credit: Emily Jean Images