Southern food can be hard to define. Some people may picture low-country style seafood boils, while others dream of Texas barbecue. The American South is a diverse region full of culinary traditions. The rich farmland provides an abundance of locally-grown ingredients, and the blend of cultures has created a variety of methods for cooking them deliciously. 


Every part of the pig plays a role in Southern cuisine. Barbecued pork can be a delicious main, and scraps of ham are often used to add flavor to vegetable side dishes. 


Think this is the same thing as pork? Think again! Lard is an essential ingredient in its own right. This rendered fat is what makes biscuits flaky and collard greens rich. 


Collards are a scene-stealing Southern side dish. This naturally tough green is usually softened by stewing with ham, vinegar, and spices. 

collards in southern food


Okra is popular in South Asian and West African cuisines as well as in the American South. This vegetable can be controversial: some eaters find the texture slimy. Cooking this traditional vegetable with an acidic ingredient like vinegar or tomato can help break down the goo and make the finished dish less viscous. 


Peaches are synonymous with Georgia. These lovely stone fruits are in season in Summer, and are the star of cobblers and peach pies. 

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