Even as we wait for the ground to yield all of spring’s best product, we’re able to stay patient by making the most of bright, springy herbs in our April dinners. Look and see what our five springy picks can do for your risotto, your pasta, and your chicken.

1. Chives.

in Baby Artichoke Risotto with Shiitake Mushrooms, Mustard Greens & Goat Cheese

2. Parsley.

in Roasted Chicken with Jalapeño-Herb Salsa, Mixed Citrus & Cracked Wheat Berries

3. Mint.

in Spring Herb & Vegetable Lo Mein

4. Cilantro.

in Pork Larb

5. Basil.


in Whole Wheat Spaghetti & Zucchini with Pistachio-Spinach Pesto