This post is sponsored by Roth Cheese. 

At Blue Apron, we love good cheese—and we know it can make the whole meal. From pizza and pasta to salads and more, our meal delivery kits regularly feature specialty cheeses from brands we love. Roth Cheese is one such brand, providing us with a variety of handcrafted cheeses that use quality ingredients. This award-winning Wisconsin cheesemaker has Swiss roots that still influence their traditional recipes for some of the finest specialty cheeses in the U.S.

Easy Recipes with Roth Cheese

Roth Cheese and Blue Apron share a strong commitment to delivering exceptional culinary experiences through a shared emphasis on ingredient quality and sourcing. That’s why we love featuring Roth Cheese in our meal delivery kits! Here are some of our favorite Blue Apron recipes featuring a variety of Roth cheeses.

With its light floral notes, nutty undertones, and hint of fruitiness, Roth alpine-style Grand Cru cheese makes this salad stand out.

Perfect for sweater weather, this cozy dish with Grand Cru cheese is a crowd-pleasing appetizer during the holidays. 

Melty Grand Cru on toasted challah buns is the perfect complement to the chicken’s crispy breadcrumbs.

Creamy gouda mixes with mayo, pickled jalapeño, and zesty spices to amp up this English classic.

Why Reach for Roth?

You can find Roth cheeses in more places than our boxes! Their award-winning cheeses like Gouda, Havarti, Buttermilk Blue and Grand Cru are in a deli cheese case near you. When you reach for Roth, you know their cheeses will always be made with the finest ingredients and will taste exceptional. The quality of their products starts on the farms in Wisconsin, where Roth cheese is handcrafted in their three creameries with milk from local farms.

Roth Cheese is proud to offer a diverse selection of cheeses, so whether you’re a seasoned cheese enthusiast or just starting your cheese journey, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. 

Committed To More Sustainable Dairy

The secret to award-winning cheese? The best milk Wisconsin has to offer. The quality of Roth’s handcrafted cheeses starts with milk from local family farms in Wisconsin. Additionally, they work with their milk cooperatives to increase the sustainability of milk. Roth is partnered with Dairy Farmers of America, which will decrease its on-farm emissions by 30% by 2030. As a proud member of the Wisconsin Cheese Makers Association, Farmers for Sustainable Food, the Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy, and the Dairy Business Association, the company is committed to promoting Wisconsin cheese and the state’s dairy industry.

Roth knows their product is made possible through sustainable growth and a stable, healthy planet. They aim to positively influence the cheese industry by improving their sustainable practices, including working toward becoming net zero by 2050. By 2027, they will cut 50% of the waste they generate as well as eliminate all waste to landfills. As of October last year, Roth has already significantly surpassed its freshwater goal and has decreased their water consumption per pound of cheese by 57%. 

Sustainability is holistic at Roth, and they aim to use their positive influence in economic and social, as well as environmental aspects. They will create development plans for all employees and fill roles with at least 50% internal hires by 2027. The company also has a Giving & Caring Committee with representatives from all its Wisconsin locations. Each year, Roth donates more than $50,000 to local community causes.

Upgrade Your Meal with Roth Cheese

In recent years, more people have started seeing specialty cheese as an easy way to upgrade a meal or bring the restaurant experience home, and it makes for a perfect hors d’oeuvre when entertaining. Since flavor innovation is more popular than ever, you may want to mix things up with different varieties, including spicy cheeses like Roth 3 Chili Pepper Gouda or Jalapeño Havarti. When you purchase Roth cheese, you’ll find food and drink pairings on all of their labels, making it easy to discover new ways to enjoy specialty cheese.

In addition to Blue Apron meal delivery kits, you can find Roth Cheese at select grocery stores and cheese shops across the United States. Use their store locator at to find a grocer near you.