Today Lori, our Home Chef columnist shows you how to master the VIP garnish of summer desserts: whipped cream (also applicable to egg whites/meringue and anything else that needs whipping). We know you'll be wanting dollops of whipped cream on the lovely fruit desserts of summer, so read on to prepare to "whip it good."
Ending a holiday meal with tiramisu is a good idea. Tiramisu means "pick me up," and if you've indulged in some roast beef like we're planning to, you'll definitely need a pick me up after dinner. Here's our recipe for a truly simple five-ingredient tiramisu.
In the summer, desserts are both easier and harder to make. Easier, because there's so much incredible ripe fruit available, from beautiful berries to stone fruits like peaches, and harder, because it's hard to turn on the oven when the temperature is rising outside...That's where these strawberry parfaits come in.