Hate Spicy Food? 16 Ingredients to Avoid

Would you like your puttanesca with a dose of red pepper flakes, your udon noodles with chili garlic sauce, your fish sandwich with tons of Tabasco? No thanks, you say? Hold the spice? Well, while many cuisines boast a high degree of spice in their dishes–and while many eaters love hot food, whether or not […] Read more »

How to Tame an Onions Bite

How to Tame an Onion’s Bite

We love the taste of raw onions, but do they have to taste so strong? Here’s how to deal with the bite of the raw onion. Read more »

Five-Ingredient Brownies | Blue Apron

Five-Ingredient, Super-Easy Brownies

You’ve probably eaten your fair share of brownies, but did you know there are two distinct types of the delicious chocolate-y squares? Here’s our recipe for a five-ingredient version made with nothing but salted butter, sugar, flour, eggs, and cocoa powder. Read more »


Video: Here’s How to Recrisp Your Bread

We store fresh bread in the freezer or fridge to keep it fresh. Here’s how to recrisp your bread so it tastes bakery fresh! Read more »

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