Easy Thanksgiving Wine Guide

Follow these perfect pairing tips—whether you want to serve only a few bottles or pour wines to go with every side dish. Wine is an essential ingredient of Thanksgiving dinner—more so than the turkey. After all, when has a roasted bird ever eased tensions after an ill-timed comment about politics or a particular family member’s […] Read more »


Study Up

Options abound for a great wine education. Want to strengthen your wine smarts? There are plenty of ways to get a wine education—from casual to formal. Here are a few of the different options available, whether you just want to know a little more about which bottles to buy or are thinking about making wine […] Read more »


Try the Stranger Things

Many grapes seem as if they come from another world, but they’re worth trying. Wine is a journey, not a destination. That’s why we try to offer some of the world’s tastier lesser-known grapes. Here’s a sampling of some from this month (and there are plenty more to come). St. Laurent (Jon E Vino) Facts: […] Read more »

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Taste for the Obscure

Jason Wilson discusses his exploration of the world’s lesser-known wine grapes. There are approximately 1,400 grape varieties used for winemaking, but most of the world’s wine comes from only 20 of them. Author Jason Wilson hit the road to find out why. His new book, Godforsaken Grapes: A Slightly Tipsy Journey Through the World of […] Read more »


Easy Cheesy

Our guide to pairing wine and cheese quickly, simply and deliciously.  The best thing about pairing wine and cheese: There are no wrong decisions, only better ones. Sure, a bold Cabernet Sauvignon and a light, zesty goat cheese may not be the “correct” pairing, but it’ll taste pretty good. After all, you’re still marrying two […] Read more »

lamb stew

Eat and Drink Like a Winemaker: Lamb Stew with Rosemary Dumplings

Try this hearty winter stew courtesy of a French wine dynasty.  The Cazes family, who brought us the L’Ostal Eclipse Minervois red wine, offered up this hearty recipe from their award-winning restaurant at Château Lynch Bages in Bordeaux. It’s a perfect pairing with any bold, spicy red wine, but also just a delightful, soul-warming winter […] Read more »

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The Secret of Sauce: Pairing Pasta and Wine

Pairing wine with pasta dishes is as easy as it is delicious. The first rule to remember about pairing wine with pasta: Forget about the pasta— it’s the sauce that drives your pairing decision. The second rule? Red with red, white with white. Here’s why:   Red wine with red sauce That same tanginess you taste in tomato […] Read more »

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Recipe for Wine Lovers: A tasty twist on risotto with whole-grain goodness

Halfway through January and craving the flavors you typically enjoy? Risotto likely isn’t on your resolution-driven menu, but sub in a few classic Italian ingredients and you’ll have a delicious side dish: farrotto. With whole-grain farro and polyphenol-rich red wine, farrotto is sure to satisfy. Farrotto INGREDIENTS 4 oz. Parmesan cheese 1 medium yellow onion, […] Read more »


See Red: The ultimate mulled-wine recipe for holiday gatherings

Mulled wine is the perfect set-it-and-forget-it elixir for holiday parties. You can tweak any recipe as you see fit, but don’t use your Blue Apron reds! Read more »


Falling for Fall Flavors

This time of year, it’s easy to taste why some pairings make perfect sense from the very first bite and sip. Follow these simple pairing suggestions to experience food-and-wine aha moments you’ll want to try again and again. Read more »

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