In fall, farmers’ markets are chock-full of leafy greens—mostly members of the cabbage family. If you’re not quite sure what sets one bunch of leaves apart from the next (and you’re too shy to ask a farmer), see this quick refresher on some of our favorites.


1. Green Cabbage
Green cabbage’s inner leaves, untouched by sunlight, are usually white.

2. Lacinato Kale
A reference to its bumpy surface, lacinato is nicknamed “dinosaur” kale.

3. Purple Kale
This variety has purple stems and lovely purple or dusty-green leaves.

4. Brussels Sprouts
These dense buds can also be peeled apart and treated as a leafy green.

5. Napa Cabbage
This Asian variety forms an oblong head with green or yellow leaves.

6. Savoy Cabbage
Named for a French region, savoy cabbage is known for its gorgeous crinkles.

7. Yu Choy
Similar to bok choy, yu choy (or choy sum) often has thinner stalks.

8. Bok Choy
Both the tender leaves and crisp stalks of this Chinese cabbage are edible.

9. Cone Cabbage
Cone cabbage, named for its unique shape, is typically green but may be purple.

10. Curly Kale
This familiar variety can be identified by its curly, frilly, dark-green leaves.

11. Red Cabbage
Red cabbage can be used like green (and may turn blue when cooked!).