Hey, Blue Apron Chefs! Your instagram feeds amaze us with the tastiness of your home-cooked meals, and we wanted to take the opportunity to show the world how you prep, cook, plate, and eat your Blue Apron dinners.

Scroll down to witness Blue Apron chefs in action–we’ve got beautifully presented Trout with Creamy Potato Salad & Wilted Spinach, expert prepwork on both the Pork Tenderloin with Rhubarb Chutney & Asparagus and the Chicken with Sauteed Ramps & Sugar Snap Peas. And then, thanks to @alexandraostrow, we’ve got one cute pup salivating over some crispy chicken.

Tag @BlueApronMeals or hashtag #blueapron or #blueapronmeals to share your instagrammed dinners with us!

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