What do cereal, ribollita and panzanella have in common? All three were invented by the Italians as ways to use up any bread leftover from previous meals. Repurposing extra bread is not just about monetary thrift, though. We hold it as a worthy kitchen philosophy to use up every ingredient you own, letting as little go to waste as possible.

This mantra easily becomes reality when panzanella is on the table. If you like the croutons on salad, you’ll adore bread salad, or panzanella, which contains at least double the quantity of croutons in a normal salad. It’s like the croutons migrated from side dish to main course, from a movie extra to center stage.

In panzanella, the bread cubes, crisped up in the oven, get seasoned by their summery tomato salad partner: sweet tomato, rich olive oil, sharp garlic, and a good pinch of salt saturate the crumb. We pair this irresistible salad with crispy chicken, flavored with marjoram, an oregano-like herb that makes us feel like we’re in the Italian countryside, eating panzanella and enjoying summer.

You can get the full recipe for this colorful dinner over on our recipe card for Marjoram-Garlic Chicken with Jersey Tomato Panzanella. We’ll deliver all the ingredients you need to make it if you sign up by tomorrow.

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