With summer about to come to a close (though not officially: we’ve got more warm days and ripe tomatoes in our near future), we bet you’re aching to give your grill a last run. But maybe you’ve worn out your affection for hot dogs, and you’re ready for a grilled dinner that’s a little more creative.

In that case, skip re-supplying your hot dog drawer and pick one of these five Blue Apron meals that translate beautifully to the BBQ. Read on for tips about how to make the dinners jump from indoor to outdoor kitchen.

BLT - on the Grill

The Classic BLT

The BLT’s smoky flavors mean the summery stack is a great match for the coals.

Bring it outside: Grill the bacon in a skillet over the grill. Though this may seem like extra work, frying bacon outside will save your kitchen from the greasy scent bacon can leave. Then, oil the bread (with bacon fat or actual oil) and grill the slices before assembling your sandwich.

Mini Zucchini Tacos with Guacamole

These vegetable-rich tacos will even satisfy carnivores (and if they don’t, that’s when you add a steak to the grilling line up).

Bring it outside: Zucchini are neutral vegetables that easily absorb the surrounding flavors–in this case the smoky flavors of a grill, preferably a charcoal one.

Mexican Turkey BurgerMexican-Style Turkey Burger

Forget all those other boring burgers you grilled in July. These end-of-August patties get condiments like cojita cheese, avocado, and tomato, and a side of warm corn off the cob.

Bring it outside: Arrange the toppings on a tray and carry them out to the grill so that you can build up your burger before it gets cold–and then enjoy it in the open air. Grill the burger buns too! If the sky grows dark while you’re grilling, check the insides of the burgers with a flashlight to be sure the turkey is cooked through.


Chicken SateChicken Sate with Peanut Sauce

Chicken sate is a satisfying classic that everyone seems to order at Thai restaurants. It’s pretty empowering to know how to make it yourself, especially on the grill as cooks do at markets across Southeast Asia.

Bring it outside: The thin cuts of chicken will cook up really quickly. Have your peanut sauce already mixed up, then arrange the sate on a plate beside it for a delicious appetizer for a barbecue party. While guests subsist on sate, you get time to grill up the main course. (If you’re a smaller crew, the sates can definitely be dinner.)

Glazed Salmon on the GrillMaple & Ginger Glazed Salmon

Healthful salmon gets a saucy-sweet finish and a bright side salad in this irresistible, season-less dish.

Bring it outside: Salmon, a sturdy fish, has an affinity for the grill, and the charred skin gives the dish an extra summery vibe. Instead of searing the salmon as directed in the recipe, cook up the sauce in a pan, in advance, and toss the salad. Bring the salmon out to the grill, and cook the pieces about 5 minutes per side. Top with the sauce and serve with the salad.