stuffing hero

When it comes to Thanksgiving, the sanctity of stuffing is something you don’t mess with. But just because it always deserves a place at the table doesn’t mean you have to follow the same recipe year after year. With a keen eye for some ingredients already at hand in your kitchen, one of these a delicious, complex stuffings could inspire a holiday-worthy change-up.

If you like a more traditional stuffing (read: classic autumn flavors like pork and sage), try Pork & Mushroom Stuffing with Sourdough Bread & Fresh Herbs. Using the combination of both  pork and mushrooms gives this stuffing its irresistibly savory, umami-packed flavor.

Is the crackle of a fresh baguette music to your ears? Can’t resist scooping one up on your grocery run “just in case?” The Rosemary Baguette Stuffing in this recipe delivers that crunchy, crispy satisfaction in every bite.

Cranberries aren’t just a good partner for turkey. Teamed up with a classic flavor companion like orange in this Cranberry-Walnut Stuffing, the tart-sweet fruit perks up the stuffing’s earthier elements, like parsnip and walnuts.

The cool-weather trio of rich, roasted chestnuts, sweet apples and woodsy thyme in this Chestnut, Leek & Apple Stuffing lets the flavors of the season shine. Take your presentation to the next level by filling sweet winter squash with the stuffing before baking it all in the oven.