Blue Apron is now on video! Every week, we’re posting a new video on our YouTube channel and over here on the blog.

We’ve already shared the secrets to the best bok choy and showed you the best way to wash your greens. 

Today, we’re approaching a vegetable that’s simultaneously fancy and terrifying: the artichoke. When your artichoke arrives, the green vegetable is wearing a suit of armor. Spiky and tough, the leaves hide something even worse: a “choke” of fine follicles you don’t want getting stuck in your throat. But beneath all that protective gear is the artichoke heart, a delicious, nutritious vegetable we can’t resist. Plus, isn’t eating more fun when you’re living on the edge?

To help defeat both the artichoke and its intimidating reputation, we created this video. Watch all the steps for prepping your artichokes for dinner. In the end it’s not hard at all!

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