It’s time to prep some herbs! In our latest video, we’re continuing on our  quest to help you cut down prep time in the kitchen by finessing your knife skills on all different ingredients. We’ve already helped you speed up mise en place by making short work of onionsgarliccarrots, sweet potatoes, and garlic.

Today, we’ve got herbs on the butcher block. Fresh herbs give incredible flavor to whatever you’re cooking. Whether it’s mint and cilantro in Vietnamese-inspired summer rolls or tarragon and basil in something French, you’ll find your dish to be several notches more gourmet than usual when the ingredient list calls for fresh herbs. Still, as much as we love their taste, there’s no denying that washing, drying, and prepping herbs can be a pain.

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So, we turned to our chef to see how to get all our herbs off the stem and chopped up neatly in as little time as humanly possible. Watch below to see how to do it:

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