Sure, cooking with kids teaches them valuable life skills, but it’s also just plain fun! And that’s what summer is for. So we couldn’t be more excited about our brand-new virtual cooking camp. Each week, we’ll provide an activity to help your little ones learn about food and meal prep. Want to see the full list of activities? Find them here. Now let’s go!


Sometimes, eating with the seasons feels like a no-brainer: Strawberries taste like heaven in June, corn on the cob is so sweet in September, and come October, apples have that snap and crunch you can’t resist. This week, you’ll introduce your kids to the concept of eating seasonally, so they’ll notice how eating what’s ripe now means noshing on fruits and vegetables that taste better and are more nutrient-rich.

We’ve created an interactive produce guide that’s perfect for sticking on the fridge and referencing all year long. It introduces kids to what’s in season in spring, summer, fall, and winter. There’s even a cool coloring section featuring summer’s star veggies, which will come in handy this season. Those very ingredients will be making it into your Blue Apron family box (or your local produce stand or farmers’ market), so keep an eye out! Download the printable produce guide and worksheet HERE. And throughout the summer, make note of which ingredients you cook with and what you enjoyed!



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