Sure, cooking with kids teaches them valuable life skills, but it’s also just plain fun! And that’s what summer is for. So we couldn’t be more excited about our brand-new virtual cooking camp. Each week, we’ll provide an activity to help your little ones learn about food and meal prep. Want to see the full list of activities? Find them here. Now let’s go!


When your food arrives looking clean and ready to peel, chop, or munch, it’s easy to forget where your food actually comes from—especially for kids who haven’t had the chance to visit a farm. But cucumbers and cows’ milk don’t just magically appear on the table; there’s a lot of elbow grease and dedication that goes into every ingredient. And research indicates that understanding where their food comes from makes kids more invested in trying things (even the super-healthy stuff you think they’ll shy away from). This week, you’ll meet the goats behind our tangy goat cheese and the fields that produce our shiny green bell peppers. To follow along with the activity, download and print HERE ,and find the answers to the crossword puzzle HERE.


To take the family on a virtual farm visit, check out this video from Blue Apron partner Vermont Creamery. As part of the prize, you could win a trip to visit these goats and see how goat cheese is made!

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