Sure, cooking with kids teaches them valuable life skills, but it’s also just plain fun! And that’s what summer is for. So we couldn’t be more excited about our brand-new virtual cooking camp. Each week, we’ll provide an activity to help your little ones learn about food and meal prep. Want to see the full list of activities? Find them here. Now let’s go!


You’ve definitely heard the buzz around “edible schoolyards” and school veggie gardens. There’s a reason health officials, parents, teachers, and students alike love them: Growing their own produce helps kids understand where their food comes from and makes them likelier to try healthy, fresh-grown ingredients. Setting up an entire vegetable garden in your own backyard might not be practical, but this week, we’ll show you how your family can grow a healthy ingredient with just a little time and effort: the humble (but delicious!) pea shoot.

Our grow kit makes it easy: all you need is pea shoot seeds, newspaper (or a small pot), soil, and water. If you’re receiving a Blue Apron box the week July 24th, you will get a pack of seeds and a piece of newspaper that you’ll fold into a planter. And pea shoots are especially easy to grow (yes, even if you have a brown thumb), and they sprout in just a few days and are ready to “harvest” in about two weeks—talk about gratifying! For planting instruction and more, find the activity HERE. Once your pea shoots are ripe for the picking, add them to a pea shoot recipe or add them to an upcoming creation: They’re great chopped and sprinkled on scrambled eggs or dressed as a salad with vinaigrette and Parmesan cheese. And eating something you’ve nurtured from planting to harvest—we promise, that makes it extra-delicious!


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