vanilla powder

Vanilla is the subtle note that makes ice cream, cookies, and cakes sing. Even though the term “vanilla” is often associated with being plain, true vanilla flavor is anything but. Vanilla products are packed with unique flavors that adds complexity and delicacy to everything they touch. Vanilla powder also plays nicely with other flavors—it’s often even the secret ingredient in chocolate, coffee, or caramel desserts. 

In 2021, Add-ons brought desserts and appetizers to the Blue Apron menu. Now we’re unlocking even more dessert potential by adding powdered vanilla to the Blue Apron pantry. Vanilla products can be expensive. Now infrequent bakers don’t have to invest in an entire bottle of vanilla extract or powder. Blue Apron will send everything you need to bake flavorful desserts at home

What is vanilla powder? 

Vanilla powder is a fine powder made from dried, ground, and processed vanilla beans. Some products may also contain dextrose or cornstarch to keep the powder from clumping. Vanilla powder is a great alternative to vanilla extract if you’re looking for a dry or alcohol-free ingredient. 

vanilla powder vs. vanilla extract

What is a vanilla extract? 

Vanilla extract is the most common source of vanilla flavor in the U.S. It’s available at your local supermarket, and it may even be in your cabinet right now. Vanilla extract is made by soaking whole cured vanilla beans in a solution to extract their flavors. Most vanilla extract contains alcohol, but the alcohol remaining in a finished product after cooking or baking will be negligible. You can make your own vanilla extract at home by soaking whole vanilla beans and vodka in a sealed jar for around 8 weeks.  

Can you substitute vanilla powder for vanilla extract?

Yes! You can substitute vanilla powder for vanilla extract (or vice versa) in any recipe. Use a 1:1 ratio when making this substitution. If a recipe calls for one teaspoon of vanilla extract, just use one teaspoon of powder. Easy!

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