For the rest of the year, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. On Thanksgiving, the morning meal is overshadowed by the big turkey (or celebratory vegetarian equivalent). Picking your breakfast on Thanksgiving day is a bit of a challenge—you want to make sure that you’re hungry when dinner arrives. For some, that means eating a big breakfast and resisting the urge to snack all day. Others prefer to skip breakfast altogether and subsist on nibbles of cheese and scraps of pie crust while cooking. Here’s how our Blue Apron chefs handle Thanksgiving breakfast.

Thanksgiving Breakfasts 

I always make breakfast the night before. I’ll usually do something like a frittata and cut it up. My goal is to keep the focus on cooking on the big meal, so I always go with making breakfast ahead and letting people help themselves. — John Adler, VP, Culinary & Physical Product

I usually do something super light for breakfast, and then I’ll put out some snacks during the day, like an assortment of dips, cheese, and jam so that the group can graze. For the past few years my mom has brought a crab dip that we heat up in the oven. Of course, we also like to sip on wine while we’re grazing. — Diane Casner, Wine Manager

My mom always makes breaded chicken cutlets for dinner the night before Thanksgiving. For breakfast on Thanksgiving day, we eat cold leftover breaded chicken cutlets with a fried egg. — Alex Saggiomo, Social Media Manager

My family gathering is always pretty small. For the past few years we’ve had the main meal early, around 2pm. I either skip breakfast or eat something really light, like just a banana. We’ll probably make some appetizers to start munching on around noon, and then if we’re hungry later in the day we just eat leftovers. — Lisa Appleton, Culinary Director

I try to eat a normal breakfast, like I would any weekday, so that I’m not completely shocking my stomach from the start. We eat closer to 5/6pm so that leaves me more time to devour a cheese board and bottle of wine. — Lauren Bernstein, Culinary Editorial Manager

We go with something full of protein to help us stay full! Egg scrambles come together quickly, and you can throw any extra meat, veggies, or cheese in there to also help clear out some fridge space. — Laura Henderson, Community Manager

My family sticks to tradition. We have an Entenmann’s coffee cake for breakfast every year. — Sarah Klenakis, Director of Content